Monday, 19 December 2011

So Much to Do..So Little Time!

I have so much on my "To Do" list, it's flippin' ridic. Good news is, several of these are fun "To Do's".

Recently I found an antique window mirror on Kijiji (Buy and Sell site for those of you not familar). I have a vision for this puppy that includes a bold, primary color and some'll have to stay tuned for the final product.

I also just picked up 2 matching vintage side tables, another Kijiji find, that I think will be off-the-hook when I am done with them.

ALSO, my guy and me have a spare room that is just going to waste and basically serving as a place for me to store my clutter. My goal for Jan/Feb/March is to turn this into a spare room using my revamped vintage finds! This is very exciting for me. 

I'd like to complete at least the mirror and possibly a side table before we take off for Me-hi-co in mid January for my bro's wedding.

So yes, busy, busy, busy but I am super stoked to get a start on these new projects!

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