Thursday, 8 December 2011

is coming!
 Time to start
 decorating if you
 already started.
These are a few of my
favorite Christmas-y things
as well
as a few decor ideas
that I love for this season.
And yes, this blurb is in the shape
of a christmas tree...cheesy? Sssshhhhhh
ho ho ho
Happy Holidays !

C o u n t d o w n :   1 7   d a y s   ! !

So each year my Christmas taste changes .. or should I say evolves? Yup! Last year I was all about the warm tones. Golds and reds were my fave color scheme for xmas decor.

This year I am really diggin' the whole "Woodland Christmas" thing. Very neutral tones; creams, beiges, browns, greens .. and a whole lotta "woodsiness". Love it. 

Cream monogrammed stockings from Pottery Barn

I love these deer. We all know it's Christmas..It's not necessary to go all out with the ordinary green and red everything. Unless that's what you're into..thaz cool. Urban Barn has a version of these guys for around $7. Pretty darn cute!

I love this wreath. Simple, rustic, not at all colorful but lovely! There are bits of grass and feathers worked into it. Wouldn't want to be the one to create it but it sure is purdy!

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